We offer a comprehensive Japanese equity product suite to institutional clients


We offer a comprehensive Japanese equity and fixed income product suite to institutional clients:

  • Japan Enhanced Index

    The Japan Enhanced Index fund seeks to deliver low-risk consistent alpha using purely quantitative techniques. A proprietary mathematical model is employed to calculate a variable optimum blend of factors to determine likely relative future performance of approximately 1700 stocks.

  • Japan Fundamental Growth Strategy

    A bottom-up fundamental research intensive strategy providing a high-conviction portfolio of mid to large-cap Japanese growth stocks.  Managers and analysts seek undiscounted growth and invest to take best advantage.  This particular portfolio management team has been consistently successful and has attracted a number of consultant and industry awards.  The domestic version of the strategy is a fund widely bought and held by Japanese pension funds.

  • Japan Fundamental Growth Satellite Strategy

    Strategy aims to generate alpha by identifying growth stocks by focusing on short-term earnings momentum and also identifying a company's competitive edge.  Managers analyse imbalance between supply and demand of key products and/or services to assess competitive edge.

  • Japan Fundamental Growth Strategy High Alpha

    The strategy aims to distil the best of our ideas backed by our independent, non-consensus view and strength of conviction.  The strategy taps into a concentrated high conviction stock selection process based upon our significant Japanese domestic research group.  The average portfolio holding for this strategy is 30 stocks.

  • Japan Fundamental Value Strategy

    Strategy focuses on the free cash flow valuation of companies, as well as the gap between market consensus and our view based upon our detailed analysis.  Managers seek to capture alpha by investing in stocks trading below intrinsic value where we believe a high probability of earnings surprise potential exists, thus deliver continuous outperformance.

  • Japan Growth Opportunity

    A strategy that aims to outperform the Japanese TOPIX index by investing in Japanese companies with high-growth potential. The portfolio comprises of 50-80 listed Japanese equities. The strategy’s stock selection process focuses on the beneficiaries of long-term trends in the economy, such as Japan’s aging population, combined with a catalyst strategy, picking out companies that generate momentum through M&A or intelligent restructuring.


    *The strategy is also available in UCITS

  • Japan Index

    Replicates index subject to any additional investor criteria (such as high credit risk screening).

  • Japan Long-Short Strategy

    Strategy seeks to generate consistent alpha generation by forecasting earnings surprise. The strategy maintains a market neutral approach by taking positions in multiple "pairs" of stocks, one short, one long where a consistent spread is generally anticipated by the market. The strategy captures alpha by the breakdown or divergence in multiple spreads. This is a research driven strategy which additionally requires a deep understanding of the characteristics of the market. This is a true alpha generator and a strategy which can be used in conjunction with portable alpha strategies or passive exposure.

    *Please note that due to current AIFMD regulation, Sumitomo Mitsui Trust International Limited is not marketing this product.

  • Japan Market Opportunity Strategy - Unconstrained

    The strategy exists to capture low risk high returns from the Japanese Equity market by investing in a specific portfolio of profitable companies currently trading below book value. The strategy aims to quantitatively analyse all TSE First Section stocks and identify the optimum portfolio of target stocks to capture the best low risk high returns from the Japanese equity market. The strategy also aims to identify those companies that are most likely to deliver a sharp price increase, using the model stock price action.

  • Japan Quality Growth Strategy

    A concentrated portfolio with low turnover, focusing on the improvement of profitability within companies and aiming to outperform JPX Nikkei 400. The strategy invests in between 20 and 50 stocks.

    *The strategy is also available in UCITS

  • Japan Sakigake Strategy

    A strategy focused on companies which provide high-quality and reliable products or services with a hospitality mindset. The strategy offers low beta, low volatility and a concentrated portfolio with holdings of about 70 to 80

  • Japan Small Cap Strategy

    Strategy is based on our belief that the Small Cap Sector of the Japanese stock market can provide excellent opportunity for consistent uncorrelated high returns.  Managers seek to identify stocks with true upside potential that are overlooked or undervalued by the market, by fully utilising ideas generated by our Japan based research group, and also maintaining high degree of contact with companies in which we invest.

    *The strategy is also available in UCITS

  • Japan Small Cap II Fund

    The fund follows the same strategy as the Japan Small Cap Fund but focuses on more liquid and/or larger companies compared to those that might be included in the Japan Small Cap Fund.

    *The fund is available in UCITS


Key Information

Japan Small Cap Fund
Nav per Unit:
Class A EUR Hedged: 104.8495
Class A JPY: 19058.3148
Class B JPY: 32010.2883
Class A USD Hedged: 226.8282
Retail EUR Hedged: 111.7094
Retail JPY: 11933.4856
Retail USD Hedged: 122.8835
Date: 6 December 2021 00:00:00

Japan Small Cap II Fund
Nav per Unit:
Class A JPY: 11087.5914
Class B JPY: 11200.4458
Class B USD Hedged: 110.5254
Date: 6 December 2021 00:00:00

Japan Quality Growth Fund
Nav per Unit:
Class A JPY: 16180.6425
Class A EUR Hedged: 160.3802
Date: 6 December 2021 00:00:00

Sakigake High Alpha - Japan Thematic Growth
Nav per Unit:
Class A JPY: 13281.6645
ISIN: LU1824452665
Class B JPY: 13420.6046
ISIN: LU1824452749
Class B USD Hedged: 104.2203
ISIN: LU1824453044

Japan Growth Opportunity
Nav per Unit:
Class A JPY: 155.961
ISIN: LU2223127361
Class B JPY: 12510.7959
ISIN: LU2223127445
Class B USD Hedged: 12558.6366
ISIN: LU2223127528
Date: 12/6/2021

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